Sunday, 28 March 2010

Easter Baking

Sure, it's a little early for Easter, and sure, I don't really celebrate it anyway, but I wanted to bake something and I landed on Tsoureki - Greek Easter Bread.

I used this recipe. I just put all the ingredients in the bread maker and it was quite easy. Here they are:

The hard-boiled coloured eggs are supposed to be red, but the cochineal was on the blink (?!: it just didn't work) so Boy added some blue and that did the trick.
Well, the bread was delicious! It's sweet and soft with a citrus taste. The only thing I would do differently is add the boiled eggs after the rising stage - as you can see, the blue stained the dough as it was rising.
The recipe didn't give any indication as to what to do with the boiled eggs. Hmm! So Boy and I broke the bread open, pried the eggs out and ate them before eating the bread. It was like a two course meal!

I've just discovered Asemic Writing. Basically, it's a doodle or scribble that bears a resemblance to writing but doesn't 'say' anything. Here's a sample from Flickr:

Mirtha Dermisache - Book - 1970, originally uploaded by Iliazd.

Symbols from pre-literate cultures, children's symbolic drawings, languages invented by artists or writers, and manuscripts that cannot be read or de-ciphered all come under the umbrella of asemic writing. I'm fascinated by this. It could have some really interesting applications in my art journal.

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