Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wish Journal Online Workshop

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I joined Journal Girl's Wish Journal-Making Workshop a few weeks ago. I've been working steadily on it every day. My progress has been pretty slow though because the only flat surface large enough to lay out the sheets to dry just happens to be my art desk! So I had to wait for each stack of sheets to dry before I could move on to the next one.

Painting in Progress

First, I collaged papers onto each sheet. This was a lot of fun! I spent some time beforehand going through all my art supplies and ferreting out all my images and papers from the various places that I'd stashed them. I've also bought a display book from an office supplies shop so I can have them all organised. I can just flip through the book and find the perfect scrap of paper for what I want! Theoretically, anyway. I even broke out my special piece of washi that I'd been saving for 'something special'. Well, if this isn't special, I don't know what is!

After the collage, I laid down washes of paint in my favourite colours. In the beginning, I was pretty much just laying down blocks of solid colours:

Earlier sheet

Then after a while I started experimented with watering down the paint more, and sponging, dabbing and wiping techniques. So much fun!

later sheet

[Later:] I was cleaning out the boot of my car and I found an obsolete street directory. Woooohooooo! Maps aplenty!

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