Friday, 5 November 2010

{ Monthly Zakka } - Pair of Washcloths

Zakka = A Japanese term, literally "many things". Broadly defined as any everyday object that improves ones home, life or appearance. For me, Zakka is a handmade or vintage object which is functional and simple, but also aesthetically pleasing in a whimsical and charming way. It makes you smile whenever you use it.
Monthly = Here, "monthly" means whenever I feel like it, or alternatively, whenever I finish a project that I feel could be described as Zakka. Hopefully this is at least once per month.

I've had this idea swimming around in my head for quite a long time now. It's related to my ongoing quest to create a harmonious and even inspiring living space. Of course, when I first heard what Zakka was, I jumped on it straight away. I collected a long list of projects to make and I wanted some way of making sure that I worked on them, as well as the living project, on a regular basis. The phrase 'Monthly Zakka' kept popping into my head. But then doubts started to creep in - what if I don't manage to finish a project every month? What if I finish one too soon or at the wrong time and I want to start another one sooner? I have some larger projects that I've nearly finished which I think could qualify for MZ too - what about those? It was starting to become ridiculous! So I thought, stuff this! When have I ever finished anything 'on time' or 'to order'? Never! (Well, not for ages, anyway.) I decided to just work on projects as I feel like it, and if they 'feel Zakka' to me, I'll do a Monthly Zakka post. So you may see another one next week. My situation is amenable.

For my first Monthly Zakka, I made a set of two washcloths from Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton. They're squishy and blue and remind me of the sky - if it was square. I'll enjoy washing my face with them. I made the design up myself, so I thought I'd write it up into a pattern. I've nearly finished it and I'll post it soon.

Have a lovely weekend!

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