Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Japanese Goodies!

I know it's not exactly craft-related, but I'm extremely excited to present to you today -

the extremely generous bundle of birthday gifts that my dear best friends S & B brought me back from Japan! I was just about beside myself by the time I finished opening every individually-wrapped gift. Even now, the next day, every time I think about them, I do a little leprechaun dance! Here they are:

This is what I received:
♥ Kitty cat tote bag
♥ Harajuku Girls magazine
♥ kawaii socks, 3 pairs
♥ bento box; food picks
♥ beauty products sample pack
♥ handmade stoneware chopsticks rest
♥ Minnie Mouse tophat hairclip
♥ wall-hanging cloth
♥ Fujichan notepads set
♥ washi oil blotting papers
♥ silicone drink bottle lid covers

Thank you S & B, you're amazing!!

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