Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Review / April Things


March flew by just about as quickly as February did. I'm still acclimatising to my new job. They say the job isn't the person, but so many other things have to change when your job changes, that I feel like I've changed in some ways.
So how did I do for my March Things To Do?:

* Complete a small baby project. (CREATE)
At some point I decided that this goal also involved getting out all of my craft patterns and cataloguing them (the baby ones anyway) before I could even start a project, so I got a bit behind! But I did start the Sunlight Baby Tube Scarf and am nearly halfway thorough it.
.... Part Done!

* Finish body of Tomten Baby Jacket. (CREATE)
I got this out and worked on it once, but I'm not feeling very enthused by it at the moment. It's too big to fit a small baby, so there's really no urgency to it. I'm really not fussed at all that I didn't get this done.
.... Try Harder Next Time ....

* Write in my Happiness Diary every night. (MEDITATE)
I remembered to do this nearly every night. It only takes a few seconds to write down 3 good things that happened during the day, but it really helps to re-set my mind to a more positive, relaxed state before bedtime.
.... Done!

* Walk at lunch time, twice a week. (MOVE)
Hm, well. I think I managed to do this twice in all. Things kept getting in the way. (The more realistic among us might call them excuses!) Finally though, at the very end of the month, I bought the sneakers that I thought I needed, I bought the little bag to carry my ipod and inhaler in that I thought I needed, I'm more prepared to take the me-time that I know I needed, so I'm feeling very positive that I can do this next month.
.... Try Harder Next Time ....

* Repair and/or alter all clothes that need it. (MAINTAIN)
I got out all of my clothes from the repair pile (not to mention a couple that needed repairing/altering that I was still wearing!) and tried them all on. I made notes about what repairs and/or alterations needed doing with each one. That was a bit of a job in itself. I didn't actually start doing anything to them yet - I'm feeling a bit sewing machine-averse at the moment - but it's on my list for the Easter 4-day weekend.
.... Part Done!

Melbourne Movement_HDR

April is my favourite month! It's not too hot or too cold. The Comedy Festival is on and the city is at its most crazy and exciting. Most of my friends have their birthdays in April/early May, so everyone's happy and excited.
Now for April's Things:

* Make a pair of baby booties. (CREATE)
* Try out my Hama Beads kit. (CREATE)
* Try a new relaxation app every week. (MEDITATE)
* Do my toning workout twice a week. (MOVE)
* Make my home desk more drawing-inducive.(MAINTAIN)

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