Saturday, 29 June 2013

JetPens Haul, Oh My!

After what seemed like months of breathless anticipation, my JetPens order finally arrived today. (It was really only about 3 weeks, but that's a long time to hold your breath!) This order was all about fun! I was looking for some new writing pens in interesting colours, so I ordered a few different brands to try out. Namely, the Zebra Sarasa 0.7mm Gel Pen, the Pilot Juice 0.5mm Gel Pen, and the Marvy LePen Fine Point Marker Pen.

They all come in such a wonderful range of colours, it was hard to choose just one or two of each. I'm especially in love with the Marvy LePen: it has the best name! And it's embossed on the barrel in a spiffy silver font. Love! It reminds me of the Needlepoint pens from Typo, but with a finer point and more interesting colours. The barrel is a little narrower than I'm used to, but it writes smoothly.

The Zebra Sarasa Port Wine colour is a beautiful deep plum/brown colour. It writes very smoothly, and so far seems to be long-lasting. (I wrote my Pages with it yesterday and it barely made any impression.) I'm not quite as happy with the Pilot Juice pens, unfortunately. They didn't write all that smoothly: the pen seemed to drag on the paper and it was more of an effort to write. I haven't tried writing any longer passages with them yet though, so I'll reseve my final judgement.

I also got a Pentel Pulaman Disposable Fountain Pen, after reading about it on Simplicity Embellished Blog. Cole is right in pointing out that this isn't actually a fountain pen. It's a fine point felt-tip marker with a slightly flexible plastic nib. But it just looked so beautiful, I wanted it anyway. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "it's too nice to throw away!" The dark brown body is sleek and sophisticated. While the line doesn't have the beautiful shading I love from fountain pens, it's still a strong, satisfying black. The tip writes soooo smoothly and the pen is comfortable to hold. If only it were re-fillable!

I also bought refills for some of my other pens, but the fun part was these novelty erasers! They were so incredibly detailed, I couldn't resist.

I feel like I'm reverting back to childhood, collecting erasers, stickers and stationery. It's a bit mad! I have to admit, I'm already plumping up my JetPens wishlist again.

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