Sunday, 9 June 2013

June Mailings

I've suddenly become interested in PostCrossing, after an absence of nearly 6 months. No, I should clarify: I was interested in it all this time, I just wasn't motivated to send any postcards. Today was different: I was so motivated that I even created some spiffy graphics for my blog!

I sent a batch of 3 postcards this month, to postcrossers in Germany, China and Russia. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy choosing cards based on the person's profile and writing a personal message to them. I'm out of souvenir-style postcards now, so I'll need to go on a little shopping trip soon!
There's also a long-overdue parcel at the bottom there, going locally.

And because I needed an excuse to use my 'Incoming' graphic as well, here are the last 4 postcards I received, even though it was a few months ago now. I really like all of these.

These come from:
[top left] Poland; travelled 41 days
[top right] Germany; travelled 19 days
[bottom left] Thailand; travelled 23 days
[bottom right] Russia; travelled 46 days

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