Thursday, 18 February 2016

No. 9 : Walk the Golden Mile

Yesterday I completed No. 9 on my list of 101 Things in 1,001 Days -- walk the Golden Mile! (Actually, it's a misnomer, in reality it's over 2.5 miles, so I'm even prouder of myself.) The Golden "Mile" Heritage Trail is a walk designed to showcase Melbourne's historical features. It starts at the Royal Exhibition Building (the single World Heritage-listed feature in the state of Victoria) and ends at the Immigration Museum at Old Customs House, just over the road from where the first port was founded on the Yarra River.

As I walked, I took photos here and there, though I have to admit I wasn't quite as enthusiastic when passing the landmarks I've already seen hundreds of times on the way to work! As it turns out, it was also a tour through Melbourne's four seasons in one day, as it started out misty and raining, and ended up sunny (and windy!).

I'm not in a writing mood today, so I'll just caption the photos briefly.

1. The pond in Carlton Gardens, not far from the Exhibition Building.

2. An old warehouse behind the Princess Theatre. This used to be the dodgy end of town!

3. Council's growshow vertical garden, with Government buildings in the background.

4. Collins Street near Russell Street. I like the contrast between old and new architecture.

5. The Capitol Arcade. I've never been in here before. This cafe looks interesting!

6. Mosaic floor in the Block Arcade. I come here often as my favourite spice shop is here.

7. Golden medallions set into the footpath guide walkers along the trail.

8. More old vs. new on Collins Street. This is a popular photostop for tourists!

9. King Street. This vintage brewery is now a strip club.

10. Another old building near the original port. I think it's been turned into apartments. I'd love to see the inside!

11. Outside the Immigration Museum, new vs. old, the transport edition! The skyscrapers of Southbank are in the background.

I made it!

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