Thursday, 25 February 2016

Recent Online Inspiration

I've been heavily inspired by three online sources in particular at the moment, which has led me to work on lots of drawing and writing projects:

Journal Girl has released some of her older art-journalling courses free of charge, so I signed up for the Friendly Faces course to give me some practice. (You do need to be a member of the Art Journalling Ning group to access them, however.) The course covers the fundamentals in finding your personal style in drawing faces. Here's my effort at lesson one: drawing different types of eyes:

I only discovered Figment's 29 Day Writing Challenge a few days ago, unfortunately. In order to win the badge you need to write all 29 prompts and post them on the site before the end of the month. At this stage it would be impossible for me! I still want to participate though, and finished the first one today. I don't think I'll write a piece every day as I have other projects I want to concentrate on as well -- figuring out how to even post pieces to Figment for example, as my profile is still empty!

I discovered Drawception just today, and I wish I'd found it earlier! It's an incredibly fun game that works a bit like Pass the Message. When I was a kid we used to call it Chinese Whispers, but that's way too un-PC now! 12 or more players are involved. One draws a picture, the next has to describe it in a few words. The next has to draw a second picture from that description. The fourth player describes that picture, etc etc. Each turn is timed to 10 minutes, so speed-drawing is essential, and the subject matter could be anything under the sun, so it's challenging. There are some amazing artists on the site, and some not so good, like me! I have a graphics tablet, but unfortunately it's not compatible with my new laptop, so I can't use it. Until I can save up to buy a new one, I'm confined to using the mouse. I'm suddenly excited by digital drawing though, and I can't wait til I'm a few levels up so I can play more games.

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