Friday, 1 April 2016

My March

I've been feeling much more positive this month. I don't know whether it has anything to do with the cooler weather. Autumn is here! I've developed a sudden enthusiasm for crochet and knitting again. Not having to worry about the plants decide whether to water them every day has eased my mind as well.

What I've been working on ...
Finally there's been some progress on the hobby room renovation. Of course, if there is no progress, it's entirely my own fault! But the hobby room has never been usable since we moved into our house over 2 years ago, and with my renewed enthusiasm for doing crafts, I want to get it all set up properly. We finished painting the big table -- it was black before, yuck! Husband had the idea to paint it with the leftover wallpaint that we had from decorating the three bedrooms. We used the yellow underneath to keep it light, lavender on top, and turquoise on the sides to blend in with the wall. I really like it!

We also installed some wall shelves and a lighting bar. We're also going to add some adjustable spotlights, which you can see sitting on the table in the picture. We bought those things (along with a few other supplies) with the gift voucher I was given as a going-away present from my old work. I really like the way the white looks against the turquoise wall!

What I've been making ...
I made this necklace pouch to keep one of my crystals in. I was trying to make it a drawstring pouch with the blue yarn, but I ended up securing it closed. It was made for this specific crystal, so I don't think I'll be taking it out until I'm finished with it. I didn't get a photo of the crystal itself, but it's a little purple amythest, good for calming anxiety.

Where I've been visiting ...
At Easter we went on a picnic at Woodlands Historic Park. Husband made dahl and chicken curry, which we packed into our tiffin picnic kits, and I made rum balls (turkish delight flavour!) for dessert. Then we went for a walk through the bush. Perhaps it would have been better to take one of the side paths instead of going straight ahead, as we came to an area that looked like abandoned farmland which wasn't very picturesque. We were still too full from lunch (!) to explore any further, so we decided to come back another day.

What I've been playing ...
Husband casually mentioned the other day that I might enjoy Fallout Shelter. I gave it a go and I've been addicted to it since! It's similar to Island Tribes and other such games where you have to collect resources to keep your little villagers alive and pair them up to give birth to the next generation. This one, based on the game Fallout, is a dark twist where the dwellers live in a post-apocalyptic bunker and face mutant creatures like radroaches. All while grinning inanely and making comments like, "I'm just so happy I could burst!" Poor things.

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