Tuesday, 5 December 2017

My November

This year, November just seemed to fly by. I've been sick with a stomach bug for the last couple of weeks, and haven't been up to doing much of my normal activities. I haven't been able to spend as much time outside as I'd like either.

The weather turned hot comparitively early this year, with nearly a week of days over 30oC. I wasn't quite ready to start watering my plants every day yet, especially with being sick, and I hope they've made it through unscathed. I need to be especially vigilant with my fruit trees if I want to have a harvest in a few months' time.

What I've been Playing.....
I mentioned last month that I'd been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper. I'm afraid to say that my friends and I were a bit bored with it after a few weeks. We must have been 'early uptake' as the techies say, because a little while after that, many other people in my neck of the social media woods started sharing their player ID codes. I started playing again, but not quite as much. I've transferred my affections back to Stardew Valley.

What I've been Watching ....
Husband and I have been exploring everything that Netflix has to offer. As I understand it, there is slightly different or less content in different countries, but we're still very pleased with it. We've already watched all of Stranger Things, Victoria season 1 (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are the cutest celebrity couple) and Star Trek: Discovery. Last night we started American Horror Story. I don't always have the attention span to sit through a whole movie, but we've managed to watch a couple so far.

What I've been Drinking ....
After reading about the health benefits of Yerba Mate, I've decided to add drinking a cup of the tea to my daily routine. I already have a traditional Yerba Mate drinking gourd which I've shown on the blog before. I assumed I wouldn't be able to find that post but searched for it anyway and found it! Here it is (second photo). The gourd is obviously not very convenient to use every day, not to mention makes tea so incredibly strong in caffiene that I can't guarantee my behaviour, so I purchased a range of bagged teas in different flavours to drink at work every morning.

I've decided that I want to post three times a week between now and the end of the Summer Holidays. I figure if I declare the intention, I'll be more likely to stick to it.

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  1. Your Instagram photos are always the best 🌸 I hope you feel better this month!



    1. Hi Yari,
      Thanks for your good wishes, I hope you're doing well!