Wednesday, 9 March 2011

❤❤❤ Things I'm Crushing On ❤❤❤

Here are some random things I like at the moment:

@ Iris on YouTube Iris does hair tutorial videos, mainly in 1940s, 1950s and pin-up style fashion. They're very detailed and easy to understand, and there are lots of them. I love that in some she shows how to get good results without using expensive styling tools. Plus she has gorgeous hair!

@ Jmag Scans I go to this LiveJournal community to download scans of Japanese fashion and craft magazines - only the ones that I can't buy in real life, of course. You have to faff around a bit with the file download site - look at the ads while waiting for the download to 'unlock', etc. Then it takes about an hour and a half for each mag to download. But it's definitely worthwhile if you're a Japanophile like me!

@ Pinterest I know I've mentioned this site recently, but I'm absolutely in love with it! I spend hours and hours trawling it for pretty images and inspiration. I've even started reading some new blogs just so I can save their images back to Pinterest. So much so that I've neglected my craft completely a little bit recently, I have to admit!

@ Man Repeller This is one of the new blogs I've found. Leandra is a fashionista, but she takes fashion from the point of view that it's meant to drive men away. She's not afraid to dress in some truly nerdy outfits, and she's absolutely hilarious.

@ Paper Thin Personas I've always loved paper dolls and this site has them in abundance! Rachel draws them all herself, and releases at least two every week. Styles include modern fashion, 19th-century, futuristic, Goth, steampunk and fairy. As soon as I find my cutting mat and craft knife, I'm going to print and play!

And a swoon-worthy craft picture to finish off:

Source: Sewing Daisies.

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