Saturday, 2 April 2011

Conclusions for March / Actions for April

March was just as uninteresting a month as February was, I'm afraid to say. Out of the four goals I set myself, I only fully achieved one. I'm not very good at taking care of myself when I get sick, and that just makes me sicker. Still learning my lesson on that one. So when it came to anything that involved Moving, my lungs said, "no way!" And when it came to Meditating - I did borrow a book on Mindfulness Meditation from the library, and I did start it, but my fuzzy brain said "no way!" When it came to Creating, I thought about going to see a live show. But then my brain said, "why didn't you wait until next month when the Comedy Festival is on, dolt??!"

The one thing I did do satisfactorily was work on unpacking and organising the hobby room. It's gone from a room where you literally couldn't even walk in the door, to one that's looking semi-functional. Well, maybe one-third-functional at the moment! I got so sick of thinking, "gosh, I'd like to work on ___ project. I need ___ tool to do that but that's still packed!" So frustrating! I was very motivated to work on that. Finally a couple of days ago I found my fabric scissors, which were a big thing I was missing. (Anyone who's ever worked with fabric knows how important a good pair of specialised fabric scissors is.) Now I can start some sewing projects and I'm pretty excited about that.

April is my favourite month of the year because a) my birthday is this month; and b) Autumn is really kicking in and that's my favourite season. Given all of that, I think I'd like to focus slightly more on the fun side - i.e. Creating - this month. Here are my actions for the month of April:

* Go and see a live show; create something inspired by it. (CREATE)
* Finish the book on Mindfulness Meditation and try it at least once. (MEDITATE)
* Go on a picnic/walk/hike. Take some photos along the way. (MOVE / CREATE)
* Finish organising the hobby room. (DE-CLUTTER)
* Finish at least 3 craft projects. (CREATE)

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