Monday, 31 January 2011

Conclusions for January / Actions for February

Actions that I wanted to achieve in January were:

* Express the Themes for 2011 in my art journal.
Done and blogged!
........ DONE.
* Finish 1 craft project every week.
Hm. Well. Every action from this point onwards was affected heavily by the fact that I had to move house during this period. So please bear this in mind! I didn't finish any craft projects, however: I threw one in the bin (callous, I know, but I was being ruthless). I put two on the scrap list, two on the maybe scrap list, and I lost one. I'm not sure how that happened, but the packing became pretty frenzied after a while. By my count that's at least 4 that're gone, even if they weren't finished. So I'm counting this action as
........ DONE.
* Fulfill my exercise schedule every day this month.
I didn't do what was on my schedule, but the only reason for that was I expended all my energy in packing, hauling stuff and cleaning. I feel like I Moved more than enough for one month! Still, I'm hesitant to call this one done. It would seem like cheating.
* Go on a drawing picnic.
I didn't get time for this, for obvious reasons! But I feel that doing something relaxing is important, so I'm not going to drop it.
* Review and de-clutter my finished novels.
I think that taking over 60 books to the Op Shop during my clean-out counts!
........ DONE.
* Take previously de-cluttered items to the Op Shop.
I have to laugh at this one. Here I was, thinking that it would take all year to de-clutter my stuff, bit by bit. Yet thanks to a single piece of paper (i.e. the Notice to Vacate), I've achieved this yearly goal within the first month!! You know those large garbage bags? The really big ones about half as tall as a person and just as wide? Boy and I donated 12 of those to the Op Shop, and 19 into the rubbish. I even astound myself! I now only own things that I want to own and think that I need. So I might be forgiven for thinking that this goal/theme has been achieved. Already? Can that be possible? Sure, the physical de-cluttering is done, but what about all that unpacking? Plus I feel there's still a lot of mental and emotional de-cluttering to be done. So perhaps the emphasis just needs to change a bit. This particular action though?
........ DONE.
* Read a book on procrastination.
I read not just one, but two! I also wrote a review on them which I'll be posting soon.
........ DONE.
So there you go. I didn't achieve everything for this month, but I think I had good reason. And one action I achieved beyond my wildest dreams! Things have changed a bit, but I expected that. That's why I wanted to avoid doing something like picking a single word, or a certain set of goals for the whole year. A year is a long time after all!

Now for February's Actions:

* Unpack one box every day. (DE-CLUTTER)
* Begin Walk/Run Programme and do twice per week. (MOVE)
* Set up a portable art journalling station. (CREATE)
* Go on a drawing picnic. (CREATE / MEDITATE)

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