Sunday, 2 January 2011

Actions for January


To make sure that I stay on track this year, I going to use my blog to make me accountable. So once a month, I'll write a post on the actions that I'm taking towards the themes, and a review of the previous month. (Obviously there's no review today as this is the first month of the year!)
Actions that I want to achieve for January are:

* Express the Themes for 2011 in my art journal. (CREATE / MEDITATE)
* Finish 1 craft project every week. (CREATE / DE-CLUTTER)
* Fulfill my exercise schedule every day this month. (MOVE)
* Go on a drawing picnic. (CREATE / MEDITATE / MOVE?)
* Review and de-clutter my finished novels. (DE-CLUTTER)
* Take previously de-cluttered items to the Op Shop. (DE-CLUTTER)
* Read a book on procrastination. (MEDITATE; probably all of them really, heh)

I was tempted to add more, but that would probably be unhelpful and de-motivating. If it's meant to be there'll be more. So I took a deep breath and hit the 'Post' button.
I promise there'll be some craft/art soon; the lack of, is making me really grumpy! I'm also determined to finish the Reverb10 project. If everything went according to plan and I'd written a piece every day in December, it should be over now, but I think it's important to finish it.

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