Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year Art Journalling

I finished my first art journal page of the year already!

This is a page that I'd already stuck an image on and applied pink paint. I painted a blue border and drew the mandalas in the centre. Then I used Sakura Gelly Rolls to add the words and decorate them. Finally I laid a base in pastel peach paint and drew freehand with a black sharpie. I'd like to try drawing more this year. The one on the left is a doodly mandala, in the style that I've been in the last couple of years. It's starting to seem a bit stale to me! So I tried something in a more art-like style on the right. It's a girl with lots and lots of hair!

I took the pictures in my new light tent which boy gave me for Christmas. The journal only just fits inside, and I couldn't position the camera far enough away to capture the whole double-page spread in one shot. So I took one of both sides and photoshopped them together. That's why it's a bit hinky in the middle! But I really like the even light the tent produces.

This is the light tent. Simple but effective!

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