Friday, 24 December 2010

[ Reverb10 : Day 15 : 5 Minutes ]

Day 15. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

-- Firstly, you went to Europe for 3 weeks in Sept/Oct. It was a life-changing experience. You met your Dutch family and saw your roots.

-- You have a nephew!!!

-- You made a decision to love yourself - both mind and body. It's still a struggle to get there, but you're really trying very hard.

-- You decided to do things differently - combat the negativity and forgive yourself for not being the person you always dreamed of being - for not being perfect.

-- You stopped keeping the food diary because it wasn't helping - you realised that it wasn't actually changing your behaviour at all and was causing more guilt than anything else.

-- Later on in the year, the doctor told you that you no longer have fatty liver, so something must have worked.

-- C & D got married, and N & P got engaged.

-- You became more open to other people, both online and in real life. You didn't make a decision per se. It just happened.

-- Even though you're still on the journey, you're proud of yourself because you came a long away this year. You tried your hardest.

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