Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 In Review

This is the bit where I review my 2010 New Year's Goals. Here they are, listed in my art journal:

Hoo-wee, that's a lot of stuff!
How did I go?:

2010 Resolutions / Goals
1. Publish 3 zines.
I filled up two journals with personal writing this year, but I didn't finish a zine. I felt withdrawn. I didn't have the motivation to work on anything for others, only for myself. I do have one zine that I started last year. I worked on it here and there, but I didn't finish it. Part of the problem is that there aren't many moments when I'm feeling both confident and mentally energetic enough to write lucidly. Maybe it would be better to concentrate on cultivating a state where I can create meaningfully.

2.Travel overseas.
I went to Europe! Check it!!

3. Do a 10km walk.
The most I managed was a 5km walk. I'll try harder next year .... ?! I remember being so excited and thinking this was one of the goals I would be most likely to achieve. I don't know what happened! I'm not even sure this goal is possible with the way I'm managing my life right now. I do think it's a very worthy thing to achieve, and as I wrote when I first decided on it, it furthers my longer-term goal to become healthier and fitter. So perhaps I'll roll it over to 2011.
Boy has pointed out to me that we walked at least 10km in Paris, on that afternoon when we walked to the Eiffel Tower and back. Even though it wasn't all in one go, it was still a mammoth effort. So I'm ticking this one!
4. Organise my apartment.
I should have known that this would take longer than a year! =D I've definitely done some good work on it though, with my 30 Days of De-cluttering project. I also now have what I call my "Whole-of-Flat" plan, which is a floor plan of the flat and everything that needs working on. I have stuck it up on the wall, so if I feel like doing some housework, I can see at a glance what needs doing.

5. Take care of myself.
I did everything my doctor told me to. I was 'compliant', as they like to say. I took all of my vitamins (most of the time, heh!). I got the scans, x-rays and examinations done. I got the allergy injections and now I can breathe. And I'm no longer allergic to cats! woohoo! I tried to drink more water and manage chocolate cravings. I did everything I could to trick myself into exercising. I even asked my body what she wanted. I worked on accepting the fact that I'm not thin and beautiful and smooth and hairless.
Does all of that count? I think I achieved this goal.

6. Fill [my] art journal.
I knew from pretty early on that I wasn't going to achieve this one, and I really didn't care. That's not what art is about. It's about quality, not quantity. I enjoy working in my art journal, flipping through it and adding bits here and there. I don't think I'll set such silly goals anymore!

7. Submit a zine to Sticky Institute.
What can I say? The confidence with which I wrote that dissipated rapidly when 2010 hit and reality sank in. It's still a dream, but I don't see myself as having failed this goal. I think my priorities are different now. It's not important to me to sell things and receive money. It's not even important for people to read my writing. If I'm going to be brave enough to connect with people, I want to do it on a two-way street.

8. Learn an e-publishing program.
Again, a complete no. If only thinking made it so. I did think about this goal quite a few times, but never got organised to actually do it. I notice that Sister Diane of CraftyPod is offering a course on Publishing your Crafty eBook in the New Year. It would be a lot of fun to do, and I trust that she would be a good teacher. However, I wasn't planning on publishing a craft book. Dilemmas!

2010 Wrap Up
I'm cringing as I contemplate analysing what I'm tempted to call this roster of failures. No, it's Negative Nancy that wants to call it that. I achieved 3 - no, 4! - out of the 8 goals. (Bearing in mind that some of them were kinda vague.) I did learn a lot from this experience, though. Looking back, I think I'd bitten off more than I could chew. I tend to do that quite a bit. My weekly list of things-to-do isn't often completed. Also, I'm just not ready for some of these goals yet. I can see that I need to learn to work with what I'm capable of doing, not what I wish I was able to do. I think I also need more structure. I'm not good with things that are so big and vague. I need a list of things to do, that I can work on step-by-step and tick off as I go along.

Yes, I recently finished Getting Things Done. Does it show? Maybe I'll read a book on procrastination next!

I was a little surprised when I looked at the statistics (below). I had assumed that I'd spent a lot of time faffing around this year, just because I didn't achieve half my goals and I didn't finish any zines. In fact, I started and finished many more craft projects than in 2009, and learned some major new techniques. Some interests were related to my goals, e.g. cooking with fresh food. I wrote many more blog posts, and I think that's because my interests are shifting away from writing zines and towards more immediate forms of communication.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with what I've achieved this year. I'm hoping to build on this and learn more next year.

2010 Statistics [2009 statistic in brackets]
Books finished: 76 (133)
Items sold Etsy: 32 (42)
Items sold Artfire: 2 (3)
Opportunities: 1 (5)
Opportunities followed through: 0 (1)
Blog posts: 82 (54)
Craft items started: 23 (10)
Craft items finished: 14 (6)
Zines written: ½ (2)
Art journal pages completed: 3 (15)
5-Minute Obsessions: 6* (12)
Longer than 5-Minute Obsessions: 7** (6)
New techniques learned: 3*** (4)

* 5-Minute Obsessions: 1. poffertjes. 2. mandalas. 3. deco tape. 4. muffin tops. 5. Japanese knitting books. 6. filet crochet.

** Longer than 5-Minute Obsessions: 1.making a shrug. 2. last minute baby items. 3. baking. 4. oversharing. 5. fresh food. 6. crocheted blankets/afghans. 7. writing patterns (and thinking on).

*** New techniques learned: 1. Crohook. 2. Entrelac. 3. Illusion knitting.

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